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Amazon Prime Day!

Hey friends! Did you know that it’s Amazon Prime day? For two days a year, Amazon has special deals and discounts.


The Lucy Libido and and Betsy Bosom books are on the list along with a handful of items that I use and love. Who doesn’t LOVE an online sale?! As an online retailer, Amazon sets the prices of their sales and promotions, so please don’t message me asking for a different/better deal bc they set prices m’kay? (#idontcontrolAmazon)


Since it’s PRIME day, I went ahead and made a list of my favorite products that I use for love potions and lubes.  I’m also going to give you an insider sneak peak to the behind the scenes products I use for podcasts, live video, and social media. These are things I actually own and use.


Essential Oils – never ever buy essential oils on Amazon. Only go through your Young Living virtual office. You can not buy oils for less than your member discount, which means anyone trying to resell them for less, has likely opened, tampered, or refilled bottles. It’s very easy to buy new caps to put on old bottles. In fact… you can find them on Amazon….


BUT there are a LOT of great things to get on Amazon! Here’s my Prime Day list.


The Lucy Libido Book



The Betsy Bosom Baby Book



My preferred fractionated coconut oil for lubes/potions



My preferred organic Shea butter for lotions/mouses. I prefer refined shea because it has no Shea scent which means the aroma of your oils can shine.



My preferred beeswax for lubes – this one is organic, refined, and white which means your lubes are lighter, and again the oils can shine.



While you’re at it – these beeswax sheets are pretty awesome. You can replace plastic wrap with these are they are quite handy and really work! They also help to open tight pickle jars in a pregnancy craving emergency.




My favorite gear for tech and social media


I ordered several table tripods to hold my phone for videos and most of them were a bust. Finally, I found one that is durable, lightweight, and it adapts from a table tripod to a full tripod. It holds your phone for videos, as well as cameras or light attachments like the lights below. And it’s super affordable.



Light ring

Light rings are a great way to light up your space when doing videos or photos. This set comes with the light ring, the tripod, and all the accessories.




Light wand

Also, never underestimate a light WAND. These pack a ton of power and are good for side lighting OR cordless lighting.  We are using THIS very light wand at the Lucy photo booth.




Podcast microphone

If you need to record yourself, for a podcast, an interview, a professional zoom or video, you need a good microphone. Not the built in one on your laptop. Here’s the one I use.




Holy sneezeballs. This 4K webcam is lightyears ahead of any built in webcam.  When I started using this, my videos looked 10,000 times better. Wide angle, crystal clear picture, easy to mount, I love it.



Also – being in front of a computer a lot can be very straining on your eyes. Blue light glasses block the blue light that aggravates and fatigues the eye. This pair come without or with reader magnification, in crystal for ladies (what I wear) and black for men. They are inexpensive and really work!



Favorites for Travel:


Packing Cubes.

Once you pack with packing cubes, you’ll never go back. These cubes separate and organize your clothing and keeps the from wrinkling and shifting in your suitcase. They also compress your clothing which allows more to fit. The cubes are use aren’t on Amazon, but here is a set that is very similar. I use the large bag for shoes, which prevents everything from getting dirty and the long thin bag for socks, underwear, bras etc. Perhaps the best thing about these, is that you just open them up and put them inside your hotel drawers and they touch nothing that has been there before, becoming their own portable drawer. Tetris lovers and clean freak lovers unite.



Rose Gold Beats. I connect them to my applewatch to listen to applemusic when I run – so I don’t have the bulk of carrying my phone.  I  also use them on the plane to watch movies or just keep the noise out to sleep. I love these so I included them!



I could list a zillion other things I use on amazon – but most of them are pretty boring like spritz bottles and packing tape. We order quite a bit of packing tape…. Have it on recurrent reorder.


Happy Prime Day everyone!