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Girl the struggle is real. Have you have been searching for a solution to all of the problems below but ‘cracking the code’ seems to be ever elusive? Below are some questions to you can ask yourself .

If you answer YES, to any of them, we need to chat. 

  • Are you struggling with PMS? 

  • Hormones are out of whack?

  • Have irregular cycles?

  • Loss of libido after pregnancy or life change?

  • Dealing with dryness or lost the spark in your relationship?

  • Are you worried about the side effects of synthetics and want safer hormonal solutions?


GIRL. I GOT YOU. How Oils Can Help.

Oils changed my life and the lives of countless, tired, struggling and desperate women (and men). Individuals who just want to “feel well” and want more for, and IN their relationship with their partner. What can oils do for you? 

  • Help you balance your cycle

  • Safe, toxin free, synthetic free, hormone balancing that works with your body

  • Improve fertility through more predictable ovulation

  • Decrease irritability during your period

  • Turn back the clock of dryness

  • Bring back your spark and libido

  • Improve your hair and skin (hint it doesn’t have to fall out as you age)!

  • Fun Exotic solutions to help bring your libido back and even improve your mans performance

Young Living essential oils are great for many things, including giving the old libido a little boost. Essential oils help tickle the senses thanks to their aphrodisiac properties. Use them the right way and they can help set the mood for a little something-something. Diffuse them or massage them into your – or someone else’s – skin. No matter how you use them, essential oils give your body the green light to go, go, go.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of essential oils?

Oilers who are new to the scene or who are interested in learning more about how Young Living essential oils can help boost their sex drive can check out some of these essential oil bundles. They are a great way to get your proverbial feet wet and test the waters on the best essential oils for romance and sexuality. Choosing any of the bundles below gives oilers access to all the same Young Living essential oils I use and recommend at wholesale prices.

Save 25% off the retail value of these libido-boosting essential oils when you choose any of the bundles below.