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How to Make Scented Spooky Slime


First off – let’s start with a disclosure. We try to keep things as clean as possible in our household. I also have a child who is obsessed with slime. Like OBSESSED. We’ve been experimenting with every possible combination of glues, activators, colors, scents, glitters, foams, for months on end during quarantine.  My original hope was to create a recipe that used all Young Living ingredients apart from the glue, and I’m sad (and happy) to say that it wasn’t a complete success.

Slime is a basically made with glue as the base and activated by a substance that contains boric acid. Some recipes call for borax, laundry soap, contact solution and baking soda. You can then customize the feel, stretch, and color with other common household substances.

One common activator used is laundry soap due to the chemicals found in most liquid laundry solutions. I had high hopes to replace chemical laundry detergent with Thieves all natural laundry soap during our slime making. We learned quickly that the binding involved in creating a slime consistency just didn’t work with Young Living soaps because hear this – They are so non-toxic and lacking in chemicals. This is great news for every other application that I use laundry soap and hand soap for because… I wash my hands a lot more often than I play in glue/soap mixtures.  This may not be true for my 9 year old…. but it is for the rest of us. We found the best activator to be Elmer’s Magical Liquid.


So how to make scented slime:


Here is our favorite and easy recipe for slime.

½ to -3/4 cup Elmers Glue. Generic brands do not work as well.

6-8 tsp Elmers Magic activator. This is formulated for slime so it takes all the guesswork out of whether or not your contact solution or laundry soap will work. Some do, some don’t.

Directions: Slowly add your activator a teaspoon at a time into the glue until it pulls away from a bowl.


From here: The sky is the limit.

My daughter usually adds handsoap or lotion to her slime because it makes the consistency less rubbery and more soft. It also makes better “slime swirls” and is easier to knead into blobs that make “slime farts” which obviously is incentive enough to add lotion and handsoap. She also loves to mix colors and glitters.


Lotion = Makes slime more stretchy

Foaming hand soap = adds air and makes slime softer

Foaming Shaving cream = makes fluffy slime, also makes it less gooey

Cornstarch – dust with cornstarch if too sticky. You can also add more activator.

Glitter = makes sparkly slime

Shimmer mica powder = a non toxic replacement for staining food colors – these mica powers add shimmer AND color and are safe for cosmetic use like bath bombs, lotions, and cosmetics. (Hint – mica is what Savvy Minerals uses for cosmetics)

Essential Oils – these amazing oils do not harm the consistency of the slime and create a wonderful smell that is calming along with the cathartic and therapeutic play of rolling and swirling slime. I recommend using Elmers CLEAR glue when adding essential oils because it does not have a glue smell. The white glue will work, but you will need more oils.

The Oils we used to coordinate with colors are:

Orange + Citrus Fresh for Orange Slime

Peace and Calming for Green Slime

Valor for Blue Slime

Vanilla for White Slime

Stress Away for Teal Slime

Lavender for Purple Slime

Joy for Pink Slime


We tested all the typical household products that are used in slime and can tell you which

non-toxic Young Living items will and won’t work. Ready?


Thieves laundry soap as a slime activator – NO

(But it’s the best for laundry)


Thieves, Lavender, or Lucious Lemon foaming handsoap to soften – YES https://www.youngliving.com/apps/enrollment/step/1


Young Living or Kidscents lotions to make stretchy – YES



Shutran Shaving cream to make fluffy – NO. You need an aerosol shaving cream.


Young Living Essential Oils to scent. YES YES YES. There is a scent for every color! It makes the slime extra calming and fun! If you don’t yet have an account, select “Basic Kit” and add your oils of choice here. You’ll get a free bottle of Stress Away + purse packs of hand sanitizer if you grab it this month. An account simply gives you access, and there are no requirements. https://www.youngliving.com/apps/enrollment/step/1


Mica color – This pack has every color, has shimmer, and is safe for cosmetic use https://amzn.to/2TDp41Y


Containers – we got our slime containers here https://amzn.to/35Kf2C2


Glitter – small tumbler packs available here https://amzn.to/37NIbii


And remember to get your glue and activator

Glue – you can find this at Target or Walmart here https://amzn.to/3oGKSbx and here https://amzn.to/37UKujI


Enjoy your spooky scented slime!