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Where, Oh Where, Should I Put a Diffuser?

Why, in Every Room, Of Course!

One of the first things my friends who are new to the joys of oiling want to know is how to use essential oils to get the maximum benefit. Some oils are topical, while others can be ingested. One of my all-time favorite ways to enjoy just about any essential oil is with a diffuser. These devices are designed to disperse oily goodness throughout a designated area, boosting your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Where, oh where, should you put an oil diffuser? That is another popular question once oilers get into diffusing their favorite blends. The answer is quite simple: there is no wrong place in your home to use a diffuser. There is a diffuser for every room in your home, and some oils that are perfect for them. Let’s break it down by room to talk about the best way to pair diffusers and oils to spread oily joy everywhere! 

Choosing a Diffuser


When oil diffusers first hit the scene, they were a bit…boring. Basic and functional, there was not much room for injecting personality into them when pairing with your décor. Oh, how times have changed. I am pleased to share with my oily friends that there is a size, shape, and design for just about every taste and style. Check out these amazing diffusers. 

  1. Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser
    This diffuser is not only functional, but it also is quite stylish. It combines the latest in diffuser technology with some pretty cool features such as built-in sounds, run-time, and LED lights. It also has some built-in speakers, allowing you to plug in an external music device and stream your favorite jams through the diffuser. Create any environment you want with this baby. 
  2. Desert Mist Diffuser
    Is it a diffuser? Is it a vase? Only you will know for sure. This custom-designed diffuser blends well in any living space with its Moroccan trellis pattern. It tosses a little exotic look and feel into any room. Multiple settings allow you to decide how much oil you want to be released into the air. 
  3. Dewdrop Diffuser
    This little bugger does the job of three things all rolled into one! It’s a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser. It uses ultrasonic technology to break your favorite essential oil and water blend into millions of microparticles for even distribution throughout the room. No more “dead zones” when it comes to your preferred oils for each room. 
  4. Lantern Diffuser
    Like the Desert Mist Diffuser, this one can serve as a centerpiece or accent to any room in your home. It resembles a real lantern, made of fine metal and glass. Cool lighting features help set the mood. 

These are just some of our favorites. Young Living offers an extensive collection sure to meet all tastes.
Once you decide on the diffuser that best meets your needs, check out my recommendations for the best oils for every room in the house. 

Welcome to my House

Let’s face it. Our homes can stink. No matter how often you clean homes have a way of holding odors. Wet dog. Sweaty gym sneakers. Mold and mildew. A malodorous scent is not the first impression you want people to have of your home when they step in through the front door, which is why an oil diffuser in your entryway is a must. Nothing says “Welcome!” quite like the warm scent of Bergamot and Lime mixed with the woodsy fragrance of Juniper. Anyone of these essential oils alone is pleasant, but when blended, your guests will immediately feel comfortable and relaxed. Other pleasant scents to consider for entryways include Peppermint, Orange, and Cinnamon. If your entryway opens into the living room, it is a good idea to diffuse the same scent in both areas for consistency. 

Diffusing in the Kitchen

If your kitchen is anything like mine, it gets used. A lot. Six months into a global pandemic and many of you are probably spending a lot more time in your kitchens prepping meals and snacks. Cooking is fun, but it sure can stink up the joint. In fact, if you are smelling something funky in your house, chances are, the kitchen is the culprit. Mystery odors have a way of emanating from this area for several reasons:

  • Every kitchen has a garbage can, where scraps of uneaten or raw food and ingredients end up. Give it a few days and it will reek. 
  • When the garbage isn’t the culprit, the next likely suspect is the disposal (if you have one). Bits of food get stuck in them and then bacteria grow. Yuck! 
  • Dishwashers can harbor gross smells, especially if you have a habit of putting dishes in there without first rinsing them off. 

Keeping these common offenders clean will go a long way toward reducing the stench in your kitchen. Running an oil diffuser also helps. Some of my favorite oils for the kitchen are those that evoke warm memories of baking goodies with friends or family. Cinnamon is one of the best scents to diffuse in the kitchen for this reason. Other oils I like include Rosemary, Lemon, and Joy™ for their awesome ability to make our kitchens smell clean, even if it’s been a while since we scrubbed it down. 

Bathroom Smells You’ll Want to Inhale 

We’ve all been there. Holding our breath. Clamping our noses tight. Hoping no one needs to use the potty right after we do so they, too, will not be subjected to the pungent aroma. It’s hardly a secret what goes on in a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean we want everyone else in the house to suffer through the noxious smells. 

There is no shortage of air fresheners for bathrooms, but they are designed to mask the smell. Here is where an oil diffuser comes in handy. I highly recommend finding a cute diffuser that blends well in the bathroom and filling it with Purification®, Spearmint, or Tea Tree. Any of these oils will give you the freedom of taking care of business without alerting the entire block. 

Vavavoom in the Bedroom

Using essential oils between the sheets is kind of my specialty. But did you know you can also diffuse them into the air to make the bedroom a more pleasant place? 

The kind of oil you diffuse depends on the activity that will be going on in this room. If you need a little help relaxing before bed, the rich, floral scent of Jasmine can do the trick. My other favorites are Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus. Peppermint is another winner for relaxing at bedtime. 

If a little vavavoom is in order, you will want to turn to some of these tried and true scents. Blending some Rose oil with Kunzea and Sacred Sandalwood will help set a romantic mood. Another popular combination is Geranium, Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Orange. The warm, woodsy aroma can put even the crankiest of lumberjacks in the mood for a little loving. 

A Scent for Every Room

There truly is no room in your home that is not suited for an essential oil diffuser. With all of the cute designs available and the variety of scents for every occasion and mood, I can’t imagine a downside to putting one in every room. Check out my oils page for inspiring ideas for all your rooms.