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What socks are you hanging onto?

Serious question. This could get controversial. Everyone has an opinion. Get ready……⠀

Where do the missing socks go??? For real. The Amazon? Another dimension like the upside-down? In the same black hole where lip-balm and hair ties mysteriously all get sucked into???⠀

I can’t understand how I wash 2, and every load….. at least one comes out mismatched. ⠀

It’s like they are mocking me…. the never ending lack of closure that comes from an unfinished load defined by socks without a mate.⠀

“Every time you have a single sock, throw it back in the wash and eventually it will come out as a pair”. This worked for a friend…. I usually end up with lot of rewashed singles???? ⠀

“Keep a basket nearby and every time you have a mismatch, throw it inside. You’ll eventually match them up with your new laundry”. You wanna know how big my basket of singles became? Like a full freaking laundry basket. It was so bad. At one point and I felt this urge to make a batch of sock puppets even though my kids have outgrown puppets just because I felt embarrassed to have THAT many unuseable socks. ⠀

Then Marie Kondo entered my life. Oh what a gift. If you haven’t read her book the Magic if Tidying up…. I highly recommend it. ⠀

Over quarantine I tidied up my life. I got rid of junk and started doing the projects I said I would do “if only I had more time”. ⠀

I remodeled my laundry room to make it a space I love. And my new solution for mismatched socks…. you guessed it. ⠀


I legit had held onto a LAUNDRY basket full of socks for a ridiculous amount of time. How many things do we hold onto things that do not serve us or bring us joy but we stockpile it anyway because we feel guilty for not breathing time and energy into something that does not bring us value??? Like we are required to find the match…. even though we have plenty of socks. Friends. We had PLENTY of socks. ⠀

When I redid my laundry room, I got this tiny and adorable lost socks baskets and installed it on my wall. Lost socks go in there for a week or two. If the match doesn’t come through within a week or two; I thank it throw it away. If the basket gets full, I do all the wash then throw the mismatches away. The old me said “But you might find it somewhere! That’s a good sock!” The new me – says I value my time enough to not stress over losing a sock. And you know what…. I have never been without socks. Not once. But I have gained a sense of closure after laundry day, I don’t spend my time searching, I don’t have an ugly pile nagging at me … I give myself permission to let go of something small and insignificant so I can reserve my time for things that are great. ⠀
What lost socks are you hanging onto? What are you spending your time trying to bring together that really has little value compared to the value of your time??

And finally…⠀