Have you ever experienced a miscommunication in your relationship? Time for today’s episode of #lifeasLucy.

I’ve been superglued to my pretty pink mac for the last little while getting everything ready for our upcoming class. This means that I haven’t really 1) showered 2) Eaten 3) Changed my “loungewear” in a good 3 days. I looked up to see that it was 10 minutes before I had to leave for school pick-up. Since I didn’t want to scare away other moms with my smell I started stripping down to take a shower.
But, halfway through that I almost blacked out because dang it – I was HUNGRY. Passing out in the shower is never a good thing. So, I ran down to the kitchen to find whatever fruit or vegetable I could to quickly eat then shower.
In walked Mr. Libido. His face showed shock and confusion. He approached me carefully.
Mr: Ummmmmmm are you trying to tell me something?
Lucy: Huh? What?
Mr: That’s really seductive. But, I have to get back to work and you have to get the kids. There’s no time and now I’m going to be aching all day.
Lucy: What are you talking about?!
Mr: SERIOUSLY LUCY. You are topless and sucking on a CUCUMBER. What ELSE is that supposed to mean?!
And dang it, he was right. I WAS topless eating a cucumber.
Lucy: Oh – that just means that I need a shower but I am also hungry. Sorry to confuse you. Have a nice day at work! Ta-ta!
#LifeasLucy #PoorMrLibido

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