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You’ll LOVE this little bitty book with big and powerful info on EO uses between the sheets. 

Master Class

Lucy Says… “There’s an oil for THAT”!  The Lucy Libido Class is your best resource for using oils to balance hormones and to use essential oils between the sheets.

  • I Am Beautiful
  • Hormone Balancing Oils
  • Aphrodisiac Oils For Her
  • Aphrodisiac Oils For Him
  • Hormone Balancing Supplements
  • Balance Through The Decades – What To Use When

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Want to learn what your body needs to be the best version of yourself? Then take this short quiz! We’ll guide you on your oily journey and we have solutions if you’re a woman (or man), nursing, pregnant, young or wise. We got you covered! It only takes 5 minutes. 

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Lucy will guide you through using essential oils between the sheets. Based on the smashingly popular Lucy Libido class, this hilarious yet informative book will teach you natural hormone balancing, oils that increase libido, and oils that supports your man's performance.

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