About Lucy

Hi! My name is Lucy.  Lucy Libido. Yup.  That’s my name.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I decided a couple years ago that we needed to host a Valentine’s Day class to teach women how to use oils between the sheets.  Unfortunately – there was NO information to be found on this topic.  So, I decided to do some “research” myself.

I got a group of women together, and we agreed to use oils in the bedroom for several weeks and months, and then and share our results. Our juicy results were divulged in our Valentine’s Day Class “There’s an Oil for THAT”.

The news of the online class spread like wildfire.  It was so popular (over 10,000 people in one month) that it took a whole team of women to get all the requests approved by the time the class started.  Women from around the globe came together to learn how to rekindle their relationships.  The results we experienced were heartwarming and tear-jerking.  I received message after message about how the class had finally helped women get over their emotional and physical blocks. For some, it was a defining point or saving grace in their marriages.Lucy Libido

The requests for the class to be made available to all in book form were plentiful.

And after much work and many late nights, Lucy’s class became available to everyone when the book published. It went out of stock overnight and shot to Amazon’s #1 best seller list. What an indication that this is truly something that is wanted and needed in the world!  I am humbled and grateful to have been able to help so many women.

We have more plans and more exciting news coming. Stay tuned through Facebook, Instagram or on the blog.



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Lucy will guide you through using essential oils between the sheets. Based on the smashingly popular Lucy Libido class, this hilarious yet informative book will teach you natural hormone balancing, oils that increase libido, and oils that supports your man's performance.

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